My Story

Recent UPDATE – Ruthie Has embarked on a new adventure and has enrolled in University to become a Master Gardener specializing in Wild-Scaping. She’ll be touring the South Eastern Ontario region giving talks on that subject along with Fungus Identification under the auspices of Master Gardeners of Rideau 1000 Islands under the title of MGIT.

‘Ruthie Cummings’ was born in Canada and brought up in a German household. Her mother was born in Germany and moved to Canada in the 1950’s and showed her homesickness to her motherland through food, culture and festivities. In Canada the ‘Cummings’ family lived a simple life and utilized nature. Ruthie’s mother taught her to mushroom pick, cook from scratch, butchery, sausage making, preserves and all of the German family cooking recipes. Bread making and pastries were always foremost in a family addicted to sweets and yeast.

As a young adult ‘Ruthie’ knew early on that she would follow her Mothers footsteps by studying ceramics/sculpture. Studies that ultimately were turned to use in cooking artistry. While working in the food service industry she studied Commerce with the intention of eventually opening up her own restaurant. She also has her Sommelier accreditation, is a certified Mushroom Expert and worked with such ‘Greats’ in the food/wine world as ‘Guinness World Record’ Holder of most Sabered Champagne bottles in a minute ‘Andre St. Jacques’, ‘Spice Meister’ ‘Greg Couillard’, apprenticed under European Chef “Roger Wils’ and studied Bread making and pastries in Berlin. The restaurant became a reality but was sold, in order to return to beautiful Kingston several years ago.

Since Arriving back in Kingston Ruthie focused on what she loved most. Cooking and foraging. She has been teaching these skills to the public for the last few years through the CRCA, The Horticultural Society and privately. She brings her skill to the table combining natural foraged foods with local farmed foods. Each farm personally inspected to ensure ethical practices and animal husbandry. Recently, achieving one of the top reviews by local critic Lindy Mechefske in this region. 

Wild Mushroom & Rice Stuffed Korean BBQ Fusion Dolmades in Broad leafed Plantain Leaves. Resting in Birds eye pepper infused Sweet Soya reduction. Topped with Sweet Clover Flowers.