The Healing Powers of Nature

With everything a little upside down with Covid 19, I thought I’d reflect on 2 of my favorite Early Spring flowers & Pollinators. ‘Dutchmans Breeches’ ( Dicentra Cucullaria) and ... Read More

Ultimate Nature Geek-Out

The only place I recharge is in the forest. I’ve retreated there most of my life and mid hike always take moments to ponder its serenity. I disseminate and break down why it is what it is. The p... Read More

Seasons Passes 2020

Only a Handful of Passes Left – Register Now ONLY $120- you receive 4 Foraging Days at a value of $160 For those of you who have registered and Paid for their 2020 seasons pass, your passes will... Read More

Chaga Workshop-Jan 25th

Join me for an hour outdoor Forage to identify and collect Chaga. Then Into the Studio to process the Chaga into Tea or Coffee that can be used daily as a daily antioxidant and body healer. We will me... Read More

Getting your Ducks in Line

Part of a successful Spring foraging hunt is the homework you do beforehand. It’s now mid November in Latitude 46.54. We’ve already been hit with a few snow storms but it’s still pos... Read More

Black Trumpets

I’m no stranger to hard work or long days. Growing up in a mushroom family, hunting for mushrooms meant two things – Enjoyment and Food. My Mother being a German refugee and broke as a you... Read More

Winter Foraging Workshop at Topsy Farm

Whenever I suggest Winter Foraging to people I always giggle at the response. No one thinks that there is any viable foods available in our Northern deep frost, but let me tell you, there is plenty. I... Read More